Instructions for use

Nedelcu Marian Bespoke men shoes - Custom shoes

In order to create hygienically conditions for usage and to increase the usability, it is recommended to wear alternatively 2-3 pairs of footwear, during the same period of time. After each use, the footwear must be stowed on mock-ups of proper size and shape.

The footwear surface should be protected from blows or scratches, well cleaned and dried before applying shoe shine or creams. The wet footwear must be dried slowly, away from direct contact with any heat sources.

The bounded and rubber out soles footwear should be kept away from petroleum products (oil, gas), polish remover or chemical products.

For all types of footwear it is forbidden to be washed in washing machines or having them in long time contact with water. Otherwise this can lead to peeling of, impairment and therefor loosing the warranty as well.

The cleaning of the plain and pressed footwear needs to be done with a soft cloth or brush; any other kind of stains will be removed using a cloth soaked in water with washing powder.

After several wearings, for the good maintenance of the leather, it is advisable to apply cream or wax using a soft cloth or brush and then carefully polish. The footwear made of antelope / nabuc leather needs to be cleaned with a harsh brush. Do not use water as the surface might be damaged; in case of grease/oil stains don not use any other liquids to remove them.

The shiny, metallic or varnished surface of the footwear must be cleaned (by dust only) using a soft cloth and should never get in contact with organic solvents, such as acetone or alcohol.

Footwear made of textile materials are recommended to be wear mostly during dry weather. After each time of use, the shoes can be easily wiped or cleaned with a brush.

It is highly recommended to use shoehorn, in order to avoid the damage of the heels area. In order to protect your skin from chemical substances, the footwear paint is Eco and therefor the interior paint might migrate. This is not to be considered a defect.

Keep your shoes away from sharp objects that can damage them from scratches, burns, perforations. The warranty becomes unenforceable and our company can not be held responsible for any defect caused by: not using proper cleaning materials, not following instructions as mentioned on the package, storage in humidity, deteriorated or damaged as result of sun exposure/strong sources of heat or repairs done by non-authorized persons.

Footwear Cleaning and Maintenance

The upper exterior of the element that needs to be attached to the outsole

The lining and insole cover. Represent the duplicate of the upper hand and of the upper hand and of the insole that together compose the footwear interior.

The out sole. The lower side of the footwear dedicated to abrasion during use; it is attached to the upper hand.

Natural surface leather

The generic description for leather refers to its fibrous structure, more or less intact, chromed in order to be resistant to rottenness. The hair of the wool might or might have not been removed. The leather for the footwear could also been obtained from animal leather, split into layers before or after being chromed.

However if the leather was mechanically or chemically divided into fibrous particles, has small pieces of dust, with or without using any bonding and transformed into foils or other shapes, it should not be considered as leather.

If the leather is covered with any kind of protective layer or lacquered, these layers should not be thicker than 0.15 mm.

Leather with corrected surface

The layer applied should not be more than third percent of leather’s total thickness, but to overcome 0,15 mm.

Leather with corrected surface

The term describes all products introduced and described as per Government Decision 527/2007 regarding the naming, fibrous composition and labeling.

Other materials